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About Us

GraceFully Fixed is a car repair business offering mobile mechanic services. Our owner, Marquise started GraceFully Fixed after more than a decade of experience rebuilding and repairing cars at a major dealership and DriveTime. His passion for cars started when he was 3 years old growing up in New Jersey. He tinkered with cars all throughout school and enrolled in NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville right after getting his GED.


Marquise decided to branch out on his own after becoming disillusioned with the dealership world that treated customers as just numbers and only cared about making profits. Marquise instead wanted to focus more on educating customers and making car repairs affordable. He has seen first hand horror stories about what happens when people don’t take care of their cars and end up on the hook for huge bills that they can’t afford.

Marquise is an expert in fixing all types of cars from his experience at DriveTime but his favorite are American produced Japanese Cars. Whether you are looking to have your car fixed or you own a small dealership and need some expert help, call us!

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