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  • Junaid Ur Rehman

My First Car - What should I know?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

"How do I make sure I don't have unexpected repairs later?" - something we get asked by new owners of used cars all the time. Along with "How do I know what's normal and what's not?" and "Can I trust this seller or dealer?".

We know it's easy to rush through the process in the heat of the moment and excitement. But we know from our personal experience some horror stories when customers decide to skip pre-purchase inspections before buying used cars.

We've seen cars with damages that wasn't reported to Carfax. Below are pictures from a used car we recently inspected for a customer. During the inspection, we immediately noticed damage "under the hood" that wasn't reported anywhere. We quickly realized this vehicle was a flood car from Florida based on the type of damage. When we informed the customer, she was really surprised and not pleased at all that this information wasn't revealed to her by the dealer. In the end, of course, she didn't end up buying the car and walked away with a bad impression of the dealer. We know that sometimes the dealers themselves don't know about these issues since they rely solely on the Carfax report. Having someone that's trained to look for these flaws can save you lots of money down the road!

Ok now you that you've bought a car, what should you know?

Let's start with some basics:

  • Do you know how to turn on your headlights?

  • Which side of the car is the gas located?

  • Where is the switch to turn on Hazard lights?

  • Do you know how to release your parking brake?

Now that you have the basics covered, you should also:

  • Make sure to review the car's service manual. If it didn't come with one, then buy one, it's worth it!

  • Get on the routine maintenance schedule as soon as possible. Give us a call and we can help you with that!

  • Check brake fluids and oil especially for older cars in cold climates

Now to the really advanced topics:

  • You hear some noises coming from the car - call us right away!

  • Brakes and oil changes for newer cars are getting more and more difficult to do by yourself - call a professional like GraceFully Fixed to take care of that for you at the convenience of your own home

  • Check Headlights

  • Ensure your Tires are ok. Often customers mix up tires alignment and tire balancing. If your car is going in a slant, it could be bad tires or tire balance problem

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