• Junaid Ur Rehman

Tips to Stay on Top of Your Vehicle’s Engine Service

Your vehicle’s engine has a lot of responsibility. It powers your drive to keep daily travel on track.

But what about its service requirements? While not the most exciting topic, you need to address maintenance requirements under the hood.

That’s where we come in!

Before we can get to the engine services we offer, let’s discuss some warning signs indicating an engine issue.

Warning signs for your engine

Your engine is complex. When problems arise, many components could be the source. If you notice potential warning signs, don’t hesitate to schedule a diagnostics appointment with our team.

These warning signs could include:

  • Activated check engine light

  • Vibrations during drive

  • Periodic engine overheating

  • Idle engine stalling

  • The entire loss of power

Our engine service solutions

When you schedule engine maintenance with our team, we will run diagnostics tests to address existing needs. This approach applies to your regular service or if you identify one or more of the issues noted above.

After our detailed inspection, we will get to work. Engine service may involve replacing:

  • Spark plugs

  • Oxygen sensors

  • Ignition coils

  • Catalytic converter

  • Water pump

  • Fuel pump

These are just a few examples of engine service we provide. With regular maintenance, you can avoid costly engine repairs. This upkeep will also help you enjoy a better ride quality.

Don’t put off addressing your vehicle’s required engine service. Our technicians are ready to get started when you are. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online!

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