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  • Junaid Ur Rehman

What to know when working with a Mobile Mechanic?

There are thousands of mobile mechanics across the country offering high quality services at a affordable rate as an alternative to traditional car repair shops. Many of these mechanics aspire to start their own car repair shops in the future. While others love the flexibility that the mobile mechanic job offers to just focus on fixing cars without having to worry about the overhead expenses and management burden of running a full garage. We wanted to explore what it's like working with a mobile mechanic in this post.

Often we get asked, "since you don't have a garage, are you limited in what you can fix?"

The real answer depends. It really depends on the type of problem and where the car is located. Some apartment complexes have rules about type of car repair that can happen on-site. For some jobs, without access to lifts, compressed air and power tools, it can take longer than going to a garage. But for most jobs like scheduled maintenance, pre-purchase inspections and simple repairs, they can all be handled by a mobile mechanic.

We've had customers who were pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of diagnostic we've been able to do without being in a garage. While specialized tools are becoming more and more important, it's hard to beat experience and attention to detail. One of our customers for instance, went to a shop multiple times to get a problem with his check engine light diagnosed. But no matter what the shop did, the check engine light kept turning back on. After spending thousands of dollars in repairs, the frustrated customer finally called Marquise. In just 15 minutes, Marquise found the source of the problem - a faulty O2 sensor. The faulty sensor kept attributing the problem to other parts which were actually fine. Customer was shocked after this experience and regretted spending hard earned money and and worse having his car stuck in the other shop for months. With just a few hundred dollars, he had his problem fixed and regained peace of mind!

Why should someone work with mobile mechanic?

Most of the customer calls we get are related to Check Engine Lights being on. However, customers also call us as a trusted first point of contact to diagnose problems before taking it a shop if needed. Here at GraceFully Fixed, we do have a garage we can take your car to ourselves if needed. The main reasons to work with a mobile mechanic are:

  • Convenience factor - we will come and check your car at the convenience of your home and you don’t have to stop doing what you are doing!

  • Lot of people can’t afford to take in their shop early in the morning, take time off from work

  • Sometimes it takes 2-3 days before you even know what’s wrong with it. Car might still in the lot before a mechanic gets to it. But with mobile mechanic and GraceFully Fixed, our attention is on you and we will work right away to ensure you know what’s wrong and what your options are

  • Outstanding customer service at affordable price

  • We have lot of returning customers who called us first because Check Engine Light was on, and based on the quality of our service, now call us whenever they need something else done first e.g. oil filter, air filter

  • Fair price given convenience. We started this business to ensure we can provide car repair service at affordable prices and we are proud of our work so far!

So don't wait and call us if you have any of the following problems: Engine repair, Brake repair, Inspections, Check engine light, Routine checks, replacing Oil Filter and Air Filter. We work based on appointments but can be flexible based on your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you soon!

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