Pre Purchase Inspection Charlotte NC

Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is a Must in Charlotte, NC

Are you ready to sign on the dotted line and buy a pre-owned vehicle? Before you submit any forms, consider scheduling a pre-purchase inspection in Charlotte, NC! 

Let’s walk through the importance of this final inspection. 

But first: what is a pre-purchase inspection? 

A pre-purchased vehicle is what it sounds like! These inspections take place for used vehicles. It’s a comprehensive, multi-point inspection conducted by a certified technician in the shop. 

The inspection will cover every aspect of the vehicle, including: 

  • Engine 
  • Brakes 
  • Tires 
  • Suspension 
  • A/C
  • Lighting 
  • Electrical 
  • Steering 
  • And more 

The inspecting technician will check for signs of exterior rust and interior mold. They will also review the vehicle for damage to parts, undercarriage issues, and any potential red flag that stands out. 

But why does this type of inspection even matter? 

Reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection

Buying a vehicle is no small decision! You’re investing thousands of dollars in the purchase. Peace of mind is critical when making this financial move. 

You want to know what you’re investing in. Even minor issues that aren’t on your radar could become big problems once you’re the vehicle owner. And at that point, you’re on the hook for expensive repairs! 

Avoid this situation altogether with a pre-purchase inspection in Charlotte, NC. Assuming everything checks out, you’ll feel good about the investment and your decision to cover every base. If the technicians do spot an issue, you’ll feel grateful that you didn’t go ahead with the purchase. A win-win! 

Warning signs when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle 

You need to proceed with caution when purchasing any pre-owned vehicle. It’s a great investment, but you have the added detail of past history to account for. 

There are warning signs that may reveal a seller doesn’t want you to know details regarding the vehicle. Let’s break a few down: 

  1. The seller doesn’t want you to schedule an inspection: This is a major red flag. If they provide the vehicle’s history and state everything is in good condition, they should have no problem agreeing to the inspection on your end. 
  1. The seller doesn’t provide a vehicle history report: Always request and receive a detailed history report. The report should outline all maintenance and repair work completed on the vehicle. Without this information, you won’t have important context regarding the vehicle’s condition.
  1. The vehicle history report is troubling: Do you notice the vehicle has a sketchy history of brake issues? Or the existing seller is yet to address an engine repair? If you spot big problems in the vehicle history report, it’s time to either renegotiate or move on. 

Schedule a pre-purchase inspection in Charlotte, NC

Before you make that final buying decision, schedule a pre-purchase inspection with our team at Gracefully Fixed! We offer mobile auto repair and inspection services and we will come to your location to inspect your vehicle. We will analyze every aspect of the vehicle to ensure peace of mind with your investment. For more details call us at +1 (704) 323 6579 or request an appointment online.